We Seek To Empower & Enable Differently-abled People Around The World To Become Independent, Through A Holistic Care Approach

IHRI aims to enable differently-able people to live independently through holistic care including different modalities throughout globe in light of Qur’an & Sunnah

Special School

The School of Special Education is founded on the belief that each student at our school is unique, with his or her own set of strengths.

Remedial School

A remedial programme is for pupils who have average or above-average intelligence but are struggling in school.

Therapy Services

Therapists at IHRI work with children with special needs to help them achieve physical & psychological by focusing on specific goals.

Holistic Pediatric Assessment

IHRI aims to assess and treat the child ‘holistically’ that means treating the person as a whole, rather than be aligned to any particular treatment philosophy.

CEO Message

I’m here to change the landscape of special needs society in Pakistan. Join us to make difference in life of millions with special needs.

– Abdul Razzak Pardesi

Board of Governors

Abdul Razzak Pardesi


Naeem Khanani

Shoaib Ghaziani

Raza Pardesi

Meet The Team

Administrative Team

Afia Wajahat

Program Head

Faizan Methani


Clinical Team

Dr. Daaneyal J. Dilawar

MBBS, Dip. in Pediatric Medicine

Ms. Sehar Hameed

Occupational Therapist

Ms. Uroosa Ali


Dr Nazia Baloch

Doctor of Physiotherapy

Shaheen Qadir

Clinical Psychologist/Behavioral Therapist


IHRI aims to enable differently-abled people to live independently through holistic care of different modalities throughout the globe in light of the Quran & Sunnah.


We are establishing a highly advanced approach rehabilitation center with a holistic perspective to incorporate medical, physical, psychological, nutritional and other therapies for all ages with any disability under single premises, also providing complete academics including general curriculum and Islamic education along with all required therapies to special children.

Pediatrics Development Unit

At IHRI we offer a Holistic assessment of a child performed by our specialist team, consisting of a medical, physical, psychological, occupational, speech and academic evaluation of a child for diagnosis and general action plan

IHRI Therapy Range

We seek to provide real growth and as part our Holistic approach, we will offer a diverse therapy range to develop different growth elements on the path to greater independence

Occupational therapy

Our occupational therapists help children with special needs to become physically, socially and physiologically independent by working towards specific goals

Speech Therapy

Speech problems can be a crucial barrier to independence. At IHRI we seek to overcome this and empower individuals through speech therapy


IHRI seeks to aid physical rehabilitation through quality physiotherapy for adults and children, in a caring and productive environment.

Behavioral therapy

IHRI addresses behavioral issues faced by adults and kids including, aggression, depression, anxiety and more

Cage Therapy

IHRI provides Spider Cage Therapy to allow a child’s involvement In balance and strengthening exercises while their body is correctly aligned and positioned

Why Choose Us

We Strive Today For A Better Tomorrow

At IHRI we encourage independence and are trying to lead the way in Holistic-approach based rehabilitation in a country where such services are lacking.


Special School

The School of Special Education is founded on the belief that each student at our school is unique, with his or her own set of strengths and limitations, as well as abilities and potential. 


Donate And Support The Journey Of The Less privileged

As part of our Welfare Program, we seek financial support to provide our services to the needy and increase the social impact of our initiative. 

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday